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The Leading Telecommunications & Security Solutions Provider
In Southern California.

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Low-voltage commercial installations of CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5E, Multi-Pair Riser, Coax and Fiber-Optic cabling systems.

Our Services

Patch Panel

Structured Cabling

Structured, low-voltage cabling is the backbone of any network infrastructure. Therefore, it is critical to ensure your infrastructure wiring is installed & tested correctly. Our team of engineers & technicians have the experience needed to handle and deliver your next project with success.

Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber optic cabling is the future of the telecommunications world for both commercial and residential applications. The precision required for fiber optic installations demands specialized experts, like our team, experienced in both installing & splicing fiber.
CCTV Camera

Video Surveillance Systems

A network video recorder (NVR) is a computer system that records video footage and stores it on a hard disk, a mass storage device, or cloud storage. NVRs are paired with digital internet protocol (IP) cameras to create a video surveillance system.

Access Control

As its name implies, physical access control solutions provide organizations with a means for securing their physical spaces. This can range from managing building access to sensitive areas like an IDF/MDF closet or the building itself. In this form of door access control, users can gain entry with credentialed access, including key cards, fobs and smartphones.
Access Control
Phone Systems

Business Telephone Systems

Voice communication is more important than ever for businesses of today. We understand the voice needs of businesses and organizations. We can help design and install the voice system that meets your needs whether it be a traditional PBX or VoIP.

Alarm Systems

Electronic alarm systems are made up of three component parts designed to detect, determine and deter criminal activity or other threatening situations. An alarm system can detect an event such as an invasion, fire, gas leak or environmental changes; determine if the event poses a threat; and then send a notification about the event.
Access Control
Home Automation Systems and SMart Homes

Home Automation Systems and Smart Homes

A smart home system is a group of devices and software that work together to allow you to control your home from a single location. Some common features of a smart home system include the ability to turn on and off lights, adjust the temperature, lock and unlock doors, and get notifications when someone enters or leaves your home.

Audio Video Systems

Interested in audio/video applications for commercial or residential applications? Our team of experienced A/V professionals have you covered. We specialize in conference room A/V systems for the conference room and for home entertainment.
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Home Automation Systems and SMart Homes

Cable Management and Documentation

Perhaps your infrastructure wiring has falled in to disarray, or a prior service performed sloppy or undocumented work. We clean up messes and document system, which makes maintenance and troubleshooting far easier.

Consultation Services

Need a second opinion or a different perspective? Our team has years of experience and can offer professional technicial advice.
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Training Image

Training and Education

Our team of experts are well versed in subjects such as Cisco, Networking, Cabling, Microsoft Office Suite, Soldering and many more subjects. We can traing on the individual level up to corporate environments. Contact us for more information.