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Technicial Support

Information Technologies offers tech support via Telephone, Virtual or Physical service calls.

Telephone Support:

Please call (818) 293-0110 to speak with a technician.


Remote (Virtual) Support:

Need immediate support with out waiting? Use our free, secure remote access software!

VSC: Virtual Service Call: Click vsc.exe to download.

Download and save the vsc.exe file. Before starting the program please contact us. Right click the vsc.exe file and run as administrator. Answer affermative to the two prompts and the secure remote session is established. When complete simply close the vsc program to terminate the session.

DD: Distance Desktop: Click distance-desktop.exe to download.

Download and save the distace-desktop.exe file. Double click the file and answer "Yes" the the User Account Control window. The program will show two fields that you must tell us to extablish the remote connection: Your ID and Password. Please contact us with this info or email it to us to establish a remte session.


Service Call:

Sometimes an in-person service call is best. Please contact us to set up an appointment.