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Reference Library

This is the location for Technicial Reference material.

How to make a Crossover Cable: Network two computers (and more) without a hub!

Extended ASCII Characters: A document showing what extended characters are, what they look like, and how to embed them.

IP Port Numbers: A listing of TCP and UDP IP port numbers with associated functions.

ECHO Environment Variables: ECHO Environment Variables - The Complete List of ECHO Environment Variables.

EICAR Anti-Virus test page: EICAR Anti-Virus test page - Check your Anti-Virus software with the EICAR test file.

Internet Traffic Report: Internet Traffic Report - See where and why the Internet is slow (external link).

What time is it?: Find the official US Government time for your area (external link).

Ademco alarm manuals.

Panasonic telephone manuals.

Find your WAN IP address.

Scott's Chili recipe: Developed over years this is the secret recipe for great chili. Emeril better look out!