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Information Technologies
Drag Bike

Information Technologies recently acquired a used Drag Bike. It is a 1982 Suzuki 1100. Some of the neat things it has:
  • 8" Over stock A-Arm - rigid tail
  • GoodYear 5.5" racing slick
  • NOS Nitrous Oxide Fogger kit
  • Dyna Electronic Ignition module
  • Air Shifter
  • Al Racing Gas Tank
  • Vance & Hines Racing Header w/Megaphone (VERY LOUD!!!)
  • Welded Roller Crank
  • Oil Cooler
  • A large appetite for money.......

      Here are some pictures of the Suzuki:

      Here are some pictures of what I want the Suzuki to look like:

      Here are some pictures of "The Cruiser", a Honda Pacific Coast. A very civilized, quite, smooth ride. Complete with lots of storage, it is the best highway bike I have ever ridden. I have almost 90K on it.

      Your still here? Want more? Well, check out some of the Multimedia files!

      You may need the QuickTime plugin to see the Movies.

      1 - Angell Seeling beats Matt Hines - (1909K)
      A series of Matt Hines:
      12 - (1913K)
      13 - (1800K)
      17 - (1988K)
      18 - (2512K)
      20 - (1343K)
      22 - (1319K)
      A series of Pro Stock Bikes:
      10 - (2058K)
      11 - (1865K)
      13 - (2112K)
      23 - (1230K)

      OK, so these are not Bikes, but I love Racing!
      22 - Top Fuel Dragster Final - (1130K)
      3 - Anderson Top Fuel Funny Car Race - (1590K)
      19 - Piece Crash - (1930K)
      23 - Doug Herbert Engine Line Explosion - (1130K)
      6 - Photo of Herbert Explosion - (68K)
      22 - Eddie Hill loses and Engine! - (2136K)
      8 - Gary Scelzi Top Fuel Dragster Race - (748K)

      Sound Files:
      1 - A Bike Burnout. Listen to the valves float! No mercy! - (4952K)
      8 - Bikes leaving the Starting Line. The Rev Limiters working?! - (4630K)"
      8 - Bike doing a solo pass - (1674K)
      8 - Bikes race w/announcer - (118K)

      Still want more? Go to:

      View the NHRA TV Schedule for 2000.

      We are looking for Sponsorship. We can offer the following perks:

      1. Advertising: At each and every race we will make available advertisements for your business (if desired).
      2. Exposure: You will be advertised here at the Information Technologies Web Site (very prestegeous!).
      3. Gratitude: You will know that your support is greatly appreciated no only be me but all race fans.

      If you are interested in helping support the Information Technologies Racing effort, please visit the Contact Page or Email us. Thank you!