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Information Technologies
Technical Reference Library
Information Technologies Reference Programs:
Speed Test - Test the bandwidth capabilities of your Internet connection.
How to make a Crossover Cable - Network two computers (and more) without a hub!
Extended ASCII Characters - A document showing what extended characters are, what they look like, and how to embed them.
The Drag Bike - Work distractions.
Voice Over IP: - VoIP (Voice over IP) - voice communications over the Internet. Read about it and try it for yourself!.
Total System Info - See some information about your Computer and Browser.
IP Port Numbers - A listing of TCP and UDP IP port numbers with associated functions.
ECHO Environment Variables - The Complete List of ECHO Environment Variables.
Linux IDE CDROM CDRW HowTo: - A guide to properly configure IDE CD drives to work with SCSI emulation under Linux.
Linux Getmail HowTo: - How to replace Fetchmail with Getmail, or How to use Getmail with Sendmail.
Scott's Chili recipe - Developed over years this is the secret recipe for great chili. Emeril better look out!
Information Technologies On-Line Hardware Manuals:
Ademco Installation, Programming, and User Manuals.
Panasonic Telephone system Installation, Programming, and User manulas.
VPOPSCAN - A Technical Reference Guide for installing a virus scanner into Paul Smith's VPOP3 e-mail server software.
PERL Weather - A Freeware program that allows adding a static or pop-up weather forecast to most web sites.
PERL Download Manager - A Freeware program for tracking file transfers and enhancing a web site.
Information Technologies Email links:
EICAR Anti-Virus test page - Check your Anti-Virus software with the EICAR test file.
WebMail - Read, create, forward, respond, delete or print any POP3 Email from any POP3 server. Requires the POP3 Username, Password, and POP3 Email Server name.
BlockedMail - Do you have an Email that has blocked your email so you can't download or retrieve your messages? Delete them!
Links to other interesting sites:
Internet Traffic Report - See where and why the Internet is slow.
What time is it? - Find the official US Government time for your area.
Telephone Books on line - A world wide resource for finding telephone numbers. Global yellow and white pages.
DebtFreeChristian - A no-cost (FREE!) service that enables getting out from under credit card debt. Offered by Turning Point Financial Counseling, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
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