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Current version: 1.7 VPOPSCAN is a set of instructions along with all the necessary programs required to install a Virus Scanner solution into Paul Smith's VPOP3 E-mail server software. These instructions will allow VPOP3 to scan all incoming E-mail message attachments, including ZIP's, for viral infection. If an Email attachment is suspected of being infected, the E-mail message can be redirected to another Email user (either quarantined on the Email server or redirected to a qualified user for further processing) or entirely deleted. Once set up and properly installed, VPOPSCAN works transparently in the background, in concert with VPOP3, to help eliminate the threat of email virus.

Download the latest version of VPOPSCAN.ZIP.

VPOPSCAN contains the following:

OnLine Documents:

The VPOPSCAN Guide is released as Freeware to the Public Domain.

Information Technologies supports VPOPSCAN via: